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Free Space Postcard Project; Sending a Public Message, interactive installation close-up
Manual typewriter threaded with tin tooling foil; Postcards: acrylic, and ink on paper

Free Space is an interactive project designed to directly engage the community. This series features postcard-sized renderings of architecture where billboards significantly intervene with public space. Billboards appear as blank spaces awaiting text. Participants can partake by contributing words or phrases that they would like to share in a public setting. The goal of this project is to incite dialogue surrounding participation in public discourse, ownership of public space, and how visual elements (like billboards) affect our experiences within it.

Participants contributed at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in June, 2016 as part of the Living Room Project guest host series begun by artist, Lee Mingwei, and in August and September, 2016 at Harvard Ed Portal's Crossings Gallery during the exhibit, Changing Allston.