Lindsey Kocur

Lindsey Kocur’s paintings synthesize encounters with the built environment in its many forms, whether they appear as settings for daily life, stages for entertainment or backdrops for advertising. She integrates images of these structures on panel and through installation. Elements of idealistic contemporary living spaces blend with references to past architectural movements to highlight social issues surrounding structural design that persist today. Images are primarily sourced online and from magazines where glossy, enhanced or saturated images compete for attention. As design platforms, these sites of communication reflect rapidly changing fashion trends, promoting newness to elicit desire, drive commerce, and inform identity. Each fabricated space can be seen as either a grand vision or place of escape-extreme polar reactions to unattainable Utopian standards. While the imagery mimics seductive, flawless representations of life, hand-painted surfaces reveal a human quality persisting amid longing for perfection and control.